Looking out onto the pumpkins from our shed

Dean and Charlene Johnson picking pumpkins

Dean and Charlene Johnson picking pumpkins

We have some large pumpkins this year!

One of Charlene's fall displays. Items in the display are not for sale, but you can find other items just like them out on the lawn- Thank you!

Turk's Turban is available, along with other types of squash

The Johnson’s Pumpkin Stand

is conveniently located one mile west of Sycamore on Route 64 with easy access for Sycamore families to pick up some pumpkins for the Pumpkin Fest, for jack-o-lanterns, and other fall decorations. At the farm there are over 50 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash plus Indian corn, corn shocks, broom corn, bittersweet, and straw bales for sale. The Johnson family have been raising pumpkins for more than a quarter century on the family’s centennial farm. The tradition of raising and selling pumpkins goes back to when Mr. Johnson was a child. When  Dean and Charlene began there young family they continued the tradition of raising pumpkins and placing them in the front yard for people to purchase. The pumpkin stand outgrew its space in the front yard and eventually became part of the farmyard with pumpkins nicely grouped by size, color and variety. Now, the family offers thousands of pumpkins including whites, heirlooms, greens, red, orange, pie pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. 

The Johnson family has great pleasure in watching families, children and adults purchasing pumpkins that were grown here on our farm, it is a joyful time and a great experience for those who choose to venture out to Sycamore, Illinois. Hope to see you soon!


Prices range from $2.00 - $15.00 depending on the size of pumpkin you choose! 

Each pumpkin will be placed in its correctly priced group in relation to its size.

Please remember which price group your pumpkin came from so we can add up your total quickly and efficiently!

We accept cash or check.